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My Story

Nimble Wits is here by the grace of God.

Not one rule of business went into the plan.  Ok, there wasn't even a plan.

There was a building, there was money spent rehabbing the building, and then there was G. K. Chesterton.

One day a few years ago, I was sitting at my kitchen counter eating lunch and flipping channels on the TV.  A show was just starting called The Apostle of Common Sense.  My interest was peaked.  I actually don't remember anything in particular about the show except that I wanted to know more about G.K. Chesterton.  I started to read things about him as well as a few things he wrote.  I remember thinking to myself that I needed to introduce this man to anybody and everybody.  I was assuming he was a lost treasure because no one I knew who did a lot of reading ever mentioned him.

Maybe now would be a good time to mention that I had no love for school or for reading so the odds of me not knowing who Chesterton is, were quite high.  The odds of me opening a bookstore were quite low.

Something happened.  I became genuinely interested in Chesterton.  This man could put his thoughts down on paper like no other.  He had a God given gift and he didn't waste it!

So why wasn't I satisfied with buying a few books on Chesterton and move on?   Why a bookstore when bookstores are struggling?  And the kicker, why a Catholic bookstore?

Before I answer those questions I should explain that while rehabbing the building, I would periodically ask God, what I should do with the building after my husband would ask me what I was planning on doing with the building.  It turns out He had the same answer for me as I had for my husband.  God's answer was, "Trust Me!" and my answer was "trust me".

This takes me back to the beginning of the story,  Nimble Wits is here by the grace of God because I had little to no retail experience, I didn't know who G. K. Chesterton was and I  was never good at remembering titles and authors so why did I think it would be a good idea to open a Catholic bookstore?   I'm sure it is because God wants it.  How did this happen?  How does anything happen that shouldn't, by our standards?  The Holy Spirit sees to it.  What am I getting out of it?  An endless appreciation for God's graces.  What do I hope you will get out of it?  I hope you will be awestruck, as awestruck as I am.